Musical Savant Has Breathtaking Ability To Play Any Song In Any Style

Deгek Pɑravіcini’s incredible abilities are only matched by his amazing story. When Derek was born three months premature, he struggled to stay alive, which he did, but his premature birth resulted in severe cognitive impairment and blindness.

As he grew, he didn’t understand much language and had difficulty communicating. Then, one day, his family noticed that he was interested in was a small toy keyboard. From there, they slowly began to realize he had a very special ability.

Classified as a musical savant, Derek learned how to play the piano and the instrument opened up his world! Not only can he remember every piece of music he hears, he can play the music in any style, in any key and can compose pieces as well.

His family and friends observe that Derek loves people more than anything and music is his way to meet and communicate with people.

Watch his remarkable story below!