2 Street Performers Stun With ‘I Have Nothing’ Whitney Houston Duet

Lіsten to these 2 stгeet performers stun with ‘I Hɑve Nothing’ Whitney Houston duet.

The crowd stops to listen when the band begins to play. If you hear the opening to a Whitney Houston song, you know someone is about to absolutely nail it or someone is about to fall flat. Allie Sherlock and Fabio Rodrigues definitely nailed their cover of the legendary song!

Allie Sherlock is a 16-year-old singer from Ireland. She started performing music when she was only about 12 but had been playing instruments and singing in private for a few years longer. Allie is known as a talented street performer in Ireland and has an entire band along with her now!

In 2017, a video of her singing a popular song by Ed Sheeran went viral so naturally, Ellen Degeneres got in contact with the young musician to be a guest on her show. A few months later she signed a record deal but still performs on the streets of Ireland. Allie has over 4 million subscribers!

Fabio Rodrigues is a musician from Brazil that also performs on the streets of Ireland. He is an incredibly talented guitar player with a beautiful voice. His Youtube channel has almost 300,000 subscribers!

Fabio and Allie have teamed up multiple times to serenade the people of Ireland. And lucky for us, they upload videos of their duets just like this one.

‘I Have Nothing’ debuted in 1993 and was written and recorded for the classic movie, ‘The Bodyguard’ which Whitney Houston starred in with Kevin Costner. The song topped MANY charts. The iconic tune was nominated for a bunch of awards and won some of them too.

For their performance, Allie and Fabio stood alongside the band members in front of a bustling crowd. Before the duo even started to sing, people in the crowd stopped to listen.

Putting their talent into words seems impossible. The only way I can think of doing them justice is to say both Allie and Fabio are beautifully gifted!

Source: GodTube